April 23

John W.Lindsay YMCA
by Hfx Spring Garden

5640 Sackville Street, Halifax NS B3J 1L2 →

Open hours: 10AM - 3PM
Admission is Free

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Ukrainian-Canadian Congress
invites everyone to join
Stand With Ukraine Fundraiser

The world is united as ever in its attempt
to help Ukrainians stand against the invasion.

Stand With Ukraine Fundraiser, this is a way you can help, come enjoy Ukrainian heritage and culture and support Ukraine, all proceeds will go to Come Back Alive, the leading charity in Ukraine. Visitors who attend the Festival have the opportunity to enjoy Ukrainian traditions, our food, folk crafts, music, dance, arts and we also will have Virtual reality experience where you would be able to walk or even bike through Ukrainian cities.

This festival became real from an idea because of enormous support from local artist, crafters, local businesses and team of Extraordinary volunteers who support the cause.


Fundraiser Halifax stand with Ukraine

GlobalNEWS Halifax
Ukrainians in Halifax fundraising by showcasing their culture

CTV News Atlantic
Morning Show about Halifax #StandWithUkraine fundraiser

GlobalNEWS Halifax
Ukrainians, Nova Scotians come together at fundraiser

CTV News Atlantic
Ukraine fundraiser in Halifax

What happened - February 24

What happened - March 5

What happened - March 19

What we DO

Is to help saving lives of regular Ukrainians who bravely stand up to defend their country, but are doing it without basic protective equipment. Alongside trained soldiers are civilian brave hearts – mailmen, artists, IT specialists, factory workers, politicians, musicians, sportsmen (world famous boxers Klitchko brothers and Olexander Usik are among them). They are standing today together defending their land. Support these Ukrainians, and all Ukrainians, by joining our Festival!
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Help Ukraine

Nova Scotia

Jason Woycheshyn

Stewart McKelvey Law

Janna Fertsman

ReMax Nova

Igor Yushchenko

IY Law
Come back alive


Silent Auction

Auctioned items will be added on 19th of April, please follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and see what was already donated. The volunteer committee of the upcoming HalifaxStandWithUkraine fundraiser is requesting goods or services donations that can be packaged and offered during the silent auction at the April 23, 2022 event. If you are able to make a donation, please complete this Donate a Silent Auction Item form at Fundraiser Fair - Donate a Silent Auction Item and a member of our volunteer committee will reach out for the collection of donations by April 17, 2022. Unfortunately, we are not a registered charity, so we can’t provide a tax receipt. A big thanks for your consideration. Volunteer Silent Auction Organizer : Tonya Darlington – 902 266 2015 – tonya@tonydarlington.com

Silent auction

Support resist
Russian assault

Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine through financing purely defence initiatives. In addition to the material support, we increased technological capabilities of the Army through providing 1,500 tablets with Armor software aimed at stopping the artillery. Come Back Alive also organizes trainings to equip our military with crucial skills. In 2015 we launched trainings for medical workers, artillerists, snipers, minesweepers, and defence analysts. After coming back from the front line, our military members have access to sport rehabilitation and veteran business opportunities. Our organization does not use funds for purchasing arms. Our mission is limited to supplying technology, trainings, and accouterments to help save lives of Ukrainians and help our warriors defend Ukraine.


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Halifax Stands With Ukraine team needs help! Join us for a memorable and worthwhile event to create together.


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